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Casablanca ESTIME workshop on innovation (23, 24, 25 Nov. 2006)

Tuesday 11 July 2006 by R&D Maroc

The Casablanca meeting was organized on Innovation and uses of research., November 23-25, 2006.


ESTIME Workshop on Innovation
Casablanca - 23, 24, and 25 november 2006

Tentative Programme

All participants and titles to be confirmed

Wednesday 22 November : Arrival / registration of participants. Thursday 23 November :
Opening session

10h10h20 : Inauguration Dr. Mohamed Smani, director R&D Maroc

10h20-10h40 : Introduction to the workshop, Rigas Arvanitis, coordinator of the ESTIME project : objectives of the project on the Innovation theme.

10h40-11h : Official inauguration. Mr. Mohsen Semmar (to be confirmed) and Mr. Al Majid (TBC)

11h-11h30 : The condition of technological development in Morocco. Noureddine El Aoufi (TBC)

11h30-11h45 : Coffee break

11h45- 12h15 : Innovation policy and institutions in Jordan by Isam Mustafa, HCST

12h15-12h30: questions and answers.

Afternoon session: Innovation surveys in Morocco and Tunisia

Session president : Mina Kleiche

14h-14h30 : Methodologies in the analysis of the innovation survey used R&D Maroc and the Ministry of Industry (Morocco): Amine Basri, division des statistiques et documentation, Ministère de l’Industrie and Jamal Assad, economist, R&D Maroc

14h30-15h00 : A preliminary analysis on innovation surveys. Rajaa Maghrabi, chef de service, division des études et de l’innovation, ministère de l’industrie and Abdelhak Chaibi, chargé de mission R&D Maroc.

15h00-15h30 : questions and answers

15h30-16h : Methodologies in the analysis of the innovation survey in Tunisia.

16h-16h30 : A report on innovation survey in Tunisia. Dr. Hatem Mhenni, ministère de la recherché (Tunisie).

16h30-17h : questions and answers Friday 24 November :

Innovation policy experiences in Algeria and Palestine

9h30-10h : Innovation and R&D in Algeria , Mohamed Benguerna, chercheur au CREAD, Algérie

10h-10h30 : Entreprises and innovation in Algérie, Hocine Khelfaoui, CREAD & Univ. de Montréal

10h30-11h : Debate

11h00-11h15 : Coffee break

11h15-11h45 : Innovation in Palestine : institutions, policies. Imad Khatib, PALAST, Palestine

11h45-12h15 : Actors in innovation in Palestine : a field study in Gaza Abaher El Sakka, Sociologist, Université de Naplouse.

12h15-12h45 : debate . Qualitative surveys on innovation :
Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Tunisia
14h-14h30 : Qualitative survey on innovation in Morocco- Kamal Mellakh, sociologist, professeur à l’Université de Casablanca-Mohammedia

14h30-15h : Qualitative survey on innovation in Lebanon - Jacques Kabbanji, sociologist, professeur à l’Université Libanaise.

15h15-15h30 : debate.

15h30-16h : Qualitative survey on innovation in Tunisia - Yamina Mathlouti et Mihoub Mezouagi, Supcom (Tunisia).

16h-16h15 : pause café

16h15-16h45 : Qualitative survey on innovation in Aleppo (Syria): Textile industry, Dr Ahmed Mansour, Aleppo University.

16h45-17h15 : Debate

Saturday 25 November :

Conclusions of the workshop on innovation

10h-10h15 : Rigas Arvanitis

10h15-10h30 : Les enseignements de ce séminaire Roland Waast

10h30-11h30 : Exchange between ESTIME participants. Preparation of the final reports.-.

11h30 : Closing session presided by Mohamed Smani.

Contact above R&D Maroc.

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