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Scientific production in sub-disciplines - 1995-2003 (Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria)

Wednesday 21 November 2007 by Pier Luigi ROSSI
Bibliometric data at the level of disciplines, 1995-2003

The IRD team has been focusing on fine-level bibliometric indicators. Sub-disciplines have been coded, based on the classification scheme of PASCAL database. Pascal is indexing each article (and only journals, as the Science Citation Index). This very fine coding scheme has been simplified by our team. The new coding scheme permits to make comparisions.

The following tables are showing the production of seven countries of the project by subdisciplines :
-  for a nine years period (1995-2003)
-  for a three years period (2000-2003)

Data are gathered in three groups :
-  Biological and life sciences,
-  Medical sciences and
-  Exact, physical and engineering.

Countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria.

The data show an impressive growth in many sub-dsiciplines.

Tables only in French.

Disciplines 1995-2003 - 303.7 kb
Disciplines 2000-2003 - 380.6 kb

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