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The state of Scientific Research in Arab countries: Some results from ESTIME

Thursday 22 January 2009 by rigas
A presentation of some basic results of the ESTIME project, mainly on scientific production and science profile of the countries in the project.

You can download the document. It was presented in Istanbul in November 2008 in a slightly different format (Moco Meeting) Lecce in November 2008 (Conference for peace in the Middle-East) and Rabat (Kickoff meeting of bilateral Eu-Morocco programme M2ERA)in February 2009.

The state of Scientific Research in Arab countries: Some results from ESTIME

Rigas Arvanitis

IRD, France


-  ESTIME Objectives

-  ESTIME results on research

-  Growing scientific production

-  A marked specialization pattern

-  Strong international cooperation

-  Drivers of international cooperation

-  Social sciences production: Maghreb

-  Data on Research personnel

-  Budgets for R&D as % of GDP

-  A diversification of funding sources

-  low absorption capacity of national research systems

-  Three models of governance

-  Some additional results

— Strong re-structuring of the research activity (eg. Tunisia, Morocco

— Active evolutions : Egypt, where efforts are done in that sense, but still to show results

— Evaluation of research (either teams, or programmes) is still not in the agenda !
— Social sciences are totally out of the radar... A dangerous trend: Soc.Sci. represent more than half of the students.
— Growing R&D activity in enterprises – Proven by the innovation surveys in Tunisia and Morocco, less evident to show for other countries because there is no innovation or R&D surveys
— Bridging institutions are rare and have still a low activity /tech transfer units have low activity: legal issues
— New and inventive policies in innovation are too young to show any tangible result.
-  Some ideas for the future
-  Create a reference center for bibliometric data + effort on enhancing production visibility.
— More on social sciences – Middle East and Gulf countries
-  Measure of production in local journals in Arabic.
-  Measure impacts of european programmes
-  Need for innovation and R&D surveys

-  URGENT NEED for science policy analysts

Estime presentation of main results - 569.8 kb

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