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ESTIME results presentation made at the M2ERA, Rabat January 2009

Tuesday 5 May 2009 by rigas

M2ERA is a bilateral project between Morocco and the EU. It was modeled partly on MIRA project, and contains a work-package that draws on the methodologies developed by ESTIME.

R. Arvanitis was asked to make a presentation on the state of Scientific Research in Arab countries: Some results from ESTIME (basically the same presentation as the presentation of ESTIME results ).

In fact, a second presentation was given by Rigas Arvanitis at the kick-off meeting of M2ERA on the methodologies needed to measure the impact of research. This is an original document, in order to present and discuss the aims and objectives of a survey on the impact of research.

PDF - 112.1 kb
Measuring the impact of scientific cooperation : MIRA contribution
A discussion on cooperationa nd collaboration and the basic needs of a survey on research impact

-  R. Arvanitis. Measuring the impact of scientific cooperation : MIRA contribution

See M2ERA brief project description (PDF, in French) on the PIN website

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