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April 2005: Achievements of ESTIME project

Tuesday 26 April 2005 by rigas

Presentation of the ESTIME project, state of the art, by Rigas Arvanitis, IRD, ESTIME Coordinator

Presentation made at the Amman Moco meeting, april 2005

Evaluation of science, technology, and innovation capabilities in Med countries

Rigas Arvanitis, ESTIME Coordinator

Anne Sophie Boisard, assistant coordinator

-   A project generated on the demand of MoCo representatives
-   Designed by the IRD team
-   In close coordination with DG Research, INCO programs

Some history:
-   A project submitted in 2004
-   Approved September 2004
-   Duration : 30 months
-   Basic consortium: IRD + OST
-   Partners in eight countries

-   Description of the state-of-the-art in research in all scientific fields
-   Design of indicators for policy making
-   Participate in the debates on how to enhance research (evaluation, e.g. Morocco, Egypt)
-   Promote “science studies” in Med countries

Strategy for the project
-   Identify contact points at high level, authorities of the country

-   Identify working teams in each country
-   Maintain contact with INCO, DG Research

Workplan 2005

-   Identification of local partners and contacts with local authorities. Meeting with authorities (may 2005)
-   Definition and elaboration of main bibliometric indicators (jan 2005)
-   Micro-bibliometric work. (jul 2005)
-   Elaboration of Leaflets per country (mar 2005)
-   Institutional Capabilities Meeting ... Today !
-   Local bibliometrics, until feb 2006
-   Fieldwork, until may 2006 • Research systems • Exact and natural sciences • Uses of science and innovation systems • Social sciences

-   6 months of setting-up partnerships in Med countries; • Policy people • Research community
-   Basic bibliometric work
-   Fine bibliometric analysis
-   Methodological guidelines for fieldwork
-   Website ESTIME

MED Partners-working teams
-   Egypt • IRD Egypt • Academy of Science

-   Jordan • HCST • IFPO • University of Yarmouk

-   Lebanon • CNRS Lebanon • Lebanese University • IFPO Lebanon

-   Algeria • CREAD

-   Morocco • Ministry of Higher Education and research • R&D Maroc • Fondation Abdul-Azziz • University of Agadir • IRD Morocco

-   Tunisia • Not identified

-   Palestine • One consultant


-   OST has advanced on basic bibliometric indicators - Scientific output, leaflets

-   IRD has advanced on “fine” indicators

-   Identification of sources for social sciences bibliometrics (Maghreb + Egypt) Website ESTIME
-   Provisional site on IRD site
-   Information on the project • Interactive site • Public information • Exchange of information
-   Final site in an ESTIME Med country

Next results
-   Before summer 2005: • Main Bibliometrics indicators • Listings of institutions • Partial analysis of documentary sources in social sciences • Some descriptions of research systems: Morocco, Algeria, Jordan

What is expected ?
-   Fieldwork = interviews in labs and with researchers
-   Deskwork = gathering of input indicators
-   Country description of research systems
-   Statistical analysis of innovation surveys (Morocco and Jordan)

-   In some countries, contact is subordinated to an official request, by the EU
-   Need for a common understanding of the project
-   Additional effort needed on data on funding and manpower statistics

Choukran !

Presentation ESTIME in Amman - 281 kb

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